EuroBiNet anniversary: 15 years

IMG_0625-2Een van de opbrengsten van de vorige EuroBiCon viert vandaag haar 15de verjaardag.
Wees erbij in Amsterdam en wie weet waarvan je over 15 jaar kunt zeggen: Ik was erbij!

Happy Anniversary, European Bisexual Network for Activists.


*EuroBiNet anniversary: 15 years*

Today is a special day. 15 years ago, on July 5th, 2001, the European Bisexual Network for Activists was founded by Hanna Bertilsdotter (Sweden), Laurence Brewer (UK) andHilde Vossen (Netherlands).

It’s still up and running, and many members will meet at the European Bisexual Research Conference and/or European Bisexual Conference in Amsterdam this summer, which is great.

There are also a lot of requests from people who’d like to join EuroBiNet. So there’s still a need for sharing, knowledge exchange, peer education, inspiration and pure fun.

Happy 15th Anniversary to EuroBiNet!

Hopefully the EuroBiCon has a lot of interesting spin-offs, so EuroBiNet can run for another 15 years.

EuroBiCon Amsterdam
28 – 31 July 2016

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